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There is no reference for the transfection of my cells. How do I select a suitable transfection reagent?


Selection aid for a suitable transfection reagent | Biontex

The outcome of a transfection experiment conducted with different transfection reagents or methods is hard to predict. If no user experiences concerning combinations of specific cell types, nucleic acids and specific transfection reagents or methods are available, users must empirically determine (Free Sample Offer) the optimal conditions by performing optimization processes.
If the nucleic acid (or molecule) to be transfected and the cell type is known, finding existing reference can be worthwhile.
As a general rule, the transfectability of cells depends on a variety of parameters. Cell lines cover the complete spectrum from cells that are very hard to those that are very easy to transfect. As a rule cell lines are easier to transfect than primary cells. Suspension cells are likewise harder to transfect than adherent cells. With regard to nucleic acid, it can be said that cells are easier to transfect with mRNA/miRNA/siRNA and oligonucleotides than with plasmids. The reason is that the effect already takes place in the cytosol, whereas plasmids have to enter the cell nucleus during cell division in order to take effect. Fast-proliferating cells are therefore generally easier to transfect than cells dividing only slowly.


We recommend the following reagents for various applications, sorted by nucleic acid


Nucleic acid Application Insectogene Metafectene Metafectene PRO Metafectene SI K2 Transfection System K4 Transfection System
DNA hard to transfect cells - + ++ - +++ ++++
easy to transfect cells - +++ +++ - +++ ++++
stable transfection - + ++ - +++ ++++
Insect cells +++ - ++ - ++ ++
ssDNA-oligonucleotide - + ++ - +++ ++++
dsRNA siRNA - + +++ +++ +++ ++++
miRNA - + +++ +++ +++ ++++
dsRNA-oligonucleotide - + +++ +++ +++ ++++
ssRNA mRNA - + ++ - +++ ++++
ssRNA-oligonucleotide - + ++ - +++ ++++
DNA/siRNA Cotransfection - + ++ + +++ ++++
DNA/mRNA Cotransfection - + ++ - +++ ++++
DNA/DNA Transfection of several plasmids - + ++ - +++ ++++
Bacmide - + ++ - +++ ++++
Minicircles - + ++ - +++ ++++



If you need support in selecting a suitable reagent for your application please do not hesitate to contact us.


We also offer samples for free with limited volume, so you can test whether one of our transfection reagents is suitable for your purposes, without having to bear any costs.


If you plan a transfection experiment and you are willing to share your results with us, we also offer normal kit sizes for free, subject to the condition that no application note for the combination of cell type/nucleic acid and reagent already exists.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact us: