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PCR Kit for detection of mycoplasmas MycoSPY from Biontex

MycoSPY® Master Mix

PCR test kit for rapid, highly sensitive detection of mycoplasmas
Product Information


  • Detects all cell-culture-relevant mycoplasma strains
  • Highly sensitive ( >80 copies of the mycoplasma genome)
  • Master Mix with loading buffer and tracking dyes allows for easiest protocol (see workflow)
  • Fast results in less than 3 hours

A number of options for conclusive detection of the presence of mycoplasmas are available. PCR-based methods give the most reliable results for routine checks. Biontex MycoSPY® and MycoSPY® Master Mix detection kits are rapid, reliable and highly sensitive methods of PCR-based routine screenings for mycoplasmas.

The MycoSPY® Master Mix contains a complete range of components for PCR analysis. Each mycoplasma test kit additionally contains an internal control and PCR-grade water for rehydrating the Master Mix.



The Master Mix with integrated loading buffer and tracking dyes is designed for maxiumum ease of pipetting and direct loading of the agarose gel with the PCR samples:



Workflow for MycoSpy Master Mix



More than a quarter of all animal cell cultures are contaminated with mycoplasmas/mollicutes. The strains most commonly found in cell cultures, with a total probability of 94%, are: M. fermentans (47%), M. hyorhinis (19%), M. orale (10%), M. arginini (9%), A. laidlawii (6%) and M. hominis (3%). In addition, the following strains were found with lower probability: M. bovis, M. pneumoniae, M. salivarium and M. synoviae. All these mollicute strains, in addition to a variety of other strains, are detected by MycoSPY® Master Mix. BLAST analysis was used to verify of the primer specificity .


List of mollicute strains detected with MycoSPY® Master Mix*

M. agalactiae M. crocodyli M. lagogenitalium M. pulmonis
M. alligatoris M. cynos M. microti M. salivarium
M. alvi M. dispar M. moatsii M. sualvi
M. amphoriforme M. edwardii M. molare M. synoviae
M. arginini M. felis M. mucosicanis M. testudineum
M. bovigenitalum M. fermentans M. muris M. testudinis
M. bovis M. gallisepticum M. mustelae M. verecundum
M. buccale M. genitalium M. mycoides M. volis
M. canadense M. hominis M. orale M. yeatsii
M. canis M. hyopneumoniae M. oxoniensis M. zalophi
M. capricolum M. hyorhinis M. penetrans M. zalophidermidis
M. citelli M. hyosynoviae M. phoacae
M. columborale M. imitans M. phocicerebrale
M. conjunctivae M. iowae M. pirum
M. cricetuli M. lacerti M. pneumoniae
U. cangenitalium U. diversum U. gallorale U. parvurm
U. urealyticum
M. chaulicola M. florum M. photuris M. tabanidae
M. entomobilium M. grammopterae M. syrphidae  
S. cantharicola S. lineolae S. taiwanense S. citri
S. platyhelix      
A. laidlawii      


* Verification of primer specificity from MycoSPY® Kit by BLAST analysis

Product Specification

Application PCR Kit for detection of mycoplasmas in cell culture
Content Lyophilized Master Mix with integrated loading buffer and tracking dyes, internal control and PCR-grade water
Assays 25 or 50 (2 x 25) assays per kit
Shipping Ambient temperature
Storage ≤ –15°C
Shelf life 1 year (from date of delivery)
Product Group Mycoplasmafree Cell Culture
Sensitivity > 80 copies of the mycoplasma genome


MycoSPY® Master Mix, 50 Assays
PCR kit for mycoplasma detection


MycoSPY® Master Mix, 25 Assays
PCR kit for mycoplasma detection