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Transfection reagent METAFECTENE® SI⁺ from Biontex for siRNA & miRNA

METAFECTENE® SI⁺ - siRNA & miRNA Transfection Reagent


  • Suitable for siRNA and miRNA transfection
  • Suitable for adherend and suspension cells
  • Free from serum inhibition
  • Optional "Fast Forward" protocol
  • Specific optimization of lipid composition for gene silencing
  • Predefined RNA/lipid ratio results with less optimization effort
  • Efficient knockdown with low reagent and siRNA volumes
  • Rapid protocol: Two interdependent assays within one week

METAFECTENE® SI⁺ consists of a lipid blend designed and optimized especially for siRNA and miRNA transfection. Unlike for conventional DNA transfection, transport of the nucleic acid into the cell nucleus is not necessary for RNA transfection. The development of METAFECTENE® SI⁺ was thus primarily aimed at maximizing the endocytosis volume of the lipoplex plus ensuring rapid and complete release of RNA in the cytosol.

High knockdown rates with low RNA and reagent amounts combined with low toxicity make METAFECTENE® SI⁺ an ideal tool to be used for all cell lines and primary cells.


Comparative Study

Comparison of knock-down of luciferase expression of cells stably expressing luciferase following transfection of anti-Luc-siRNA with METAFECTENE® SI⁺ or a commercial transfection reagent (L2k) under optimized conditions:


Comparison of METAFECTENE® SI with L2k in the transfection of siRNA



Main advantages of the "Fast Forward" protocol:


Timescale for the fast-forward protocol of METAFECTENE SI


Using the "Fast Forward" protocol, cells are seeded and subsequently transfected without being allowed to grow on the vessel surface by incubation overnight. This results in a time saving of 24 hours, allowing two successive result-dependent transfections to be performed within a single working week.



Product Specification

Application Transfection of mammalian cells with siRNA or miRNA
Content Lipid formulation / sufficient quantity of SI⁺ buffer
Assays Up to 4000 (96-well) or 650 (24-well) per 1 ml reagent
Shipping At room temperature
Storage 4°C
Shelf life 1 year (from date of delivery)
Product Group Transfection


SI⁺ buffer (10x) 2 ml


1 ml METAFECTENE® SI⁺ Transfection reagent
2 ml SI⁺ buffer (10x)
siRNA & miRNA transfection kit for mammalian cells


2 x 1 ml METAFECTENE® SI⁺ Transfection reagent
2 x 2 ml SI⁺ buffer (10x)
siRNA & miRNA transfection kit for mammalian cells


5 x 1 ml METAFECTENE® SI⁺ Transfection reagent
5 x 2 ml SI⁺ buffer (10x)
siRNA & miRNA transfection kit for mammalian cells