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Rhodamine labeled trasnfection reagent METAFECTENE® FluoR from Biontex

METAFECTENE® FluoR - Fluorescent Transfection Reagent

Rhodamin labeled Transfection reagent for visualization of lipofection

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  • Visualization of the full transfection process
  • Protocol adapted for cell visualization
  • Low toxicity for optimum cell morphology
  • Cell density optimized for microscope evaluation

METAFECTENE® FluoR transfection reagent presents a method for visualizing the path of the carrier system through the eukaryotic cell and gaining new information from the transfection process, such as findings on the localization of specific components. The lipid composition (as liposomes) of METAFECTENE® FluoR is based on METAFECTENE® PRO and contains a covalent rhodamine B label which is designed not to impair the transfection process.

METAFECTENE® FluoR is designed for transient transfection of mammalian cell lines and primary cells with DNA (plasmids, bacmids). By the fluorescent label endocytosis of the cells can be analyzed under the fluorescence microscope. But it is also suitable for other nucleic acids like RNA (mRNA, miRNA, and siRNA), and modified nucleic acids (antisense oligonucleotides).

The two images below show cells transfected using METAFECTENE® FluoR and pCMV-eGFP. They clearly show the endocytotic uptake of red fluorescent lipoplexes in the cells and their perinuclear accretion. In addition, the superimposed shots of the fluorescence channels enable you to view the incipient expression of GFP by moving the cursor over the desired image.


Transfected cells using METAFECTENE® FluoR and pCMV-eGFP
Transfected cells using METAFECTENE® FluoR and pCMV-eGFP


Product Specification

Application Visualization of lipofection by fluorescence
Content Cationic lipids and colipids in water with covalently bounded RhodamineB
Assays Up to 2500 (24-well) or up to 625 (6-well) per 1 ml of reagent
Shipping At room temperature
Storage 4 °C
Shelf life 1 year (from date of delivery)
Product Group Transfection
Fluorescence Exmax = 557 nm
Emmax = 571 nm


Fluorescence transfection reagent for mammalian cells


Fluorescence transfection reagent for mammalian cells