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Save money by writing an application note

Application reports can be particularly useful sources to find the right transfection product for your own experiment. We have put together a large collection of application notes and publications in our "Transfection Reagent Selection Guide". But we continually update and expand the list.
You intend to test one of our transfection reagents in an application, for which there is still no note and you are ready to share your results with us?
In this case, we offer you a free "full-size" kit from one of our transfection reagents.
Or: You have got positive results with one of our transfection reagents and are willing to establish an Application Note (1-2 pages) for us?

Then just send your raw data to:


If your results are suitable for an Application Note, we offer you:

Transfection reagent (1-2 kits) for free as a compensation for your work to establish such a report.


Contact us!

Saving money by writing an application note | Biontex