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µ-Proteofection Kit VI AB (antibody) from Biontex for high resolution live cell imaging

µ-Proteofection Kit VI AB - Microfection Kit

The ideal kit for cell microscopy of fluorescence-labeled antibodies

Product Information
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  • Immediate live observation possible
  • Ideal optical properties for transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy
  • Optimum cell vitality
  • Full serum compatibility
  • Efficient, rapid protocol
  • Cells can be fixed and dyed
  • Compatible with oil immersion

μ-Proteofection Kit VI AB is specifically designed for the introduction of antibodies into cells under conditions necessary for live cell imaging. As with μ-Proteofection Kit VI, the kit combines the outstanding optical properties of μ-Slides VI from ibidi GmbH and the high-efficiency reagent for antibody proteofection PROTEOfectene® AB from Biontex. The kit provides the ideal conditions for high-resolution microscopic observation of living cells proteofected with antibodies.

This procedure enables mono- and polyclonal antibodies of all isotypes to be introduced successfully and without loss of binding capability, while cell development can be observed immediately in excellent optical quality. The use of fluorescencelabeled antibodies enables a variety of cell constituents to be marked and high-resolution microscopy to be carried out directly.

Product Specification

Application High-resolution microscopy for living mammalian cells proteofected with antibodies (live cell imaging)
Content PROTEOfectene® AB, IgG-FITC labeled as positive control, µ-Slides VI (6 channels each)
Assays 90 per kit
Shipping At room temperature
Storage 4°C PROTEOfectene® AB;
≤ –15°C IgG
Shelf life 1/2 year (after date of delivery)
Product Group Microfection


µ-Proteofection Kit VI AB
250 μl PROTEOfectene® AB
100 μl IgG-FITC (100μg/ml)
15 Slides
Antibody proteofection kit for microscopy