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Mycoplasma elimination reagent MycoRAZOR® from Biontex

MycoRAZOR® - Mycoplasma Treatment of Cell Cultures

Elimination of mycoplasmas from contaminated cell cultures by antibiotics

Product Information
Background Information
FAQ Cell Culture free of Mycoplasma


  • Reliable removal of mycoplasmas from contaminated cell cultures
  • Effective on all mycoplasmas and bacteria
  • No effect on eukaryotic cells
  • Easy protocol
  • Cost-effective

If mycoplasmas have been detected in your cell culture e.g. with Biontex PCR based Mycoplasma detection kit MycoSPY® or MycoSPY® Master Mix, the highly effective mixture of antibiotics of MycoRAZOR® eliminates the contamination rapidly and efficiently.

It acts on the protein biosynthesis mechanism by interfering with the ribosome translation of the mycoplasmas as well as with their transcription (gyrase blocker) without impacting on the eukaryotic cells in the culture.

Mycoplasma treatment of contaminated cell cultures is easy: simply add MycoRAZOR® to your culture medium to kill mycoplasmas and bacteria in the culture rapidly and completely.

Product Specification

Application Treatment of mycoplasma contaminated cell cultures
Content Mixture of antibiotics in PBS
Assays Approx. 300 applications (T75) per 100 ml reagent
Shipping Ice packs
Storage ≤ –15°C; protected from light
Shelf life 1 year (from date of delivery)
Product Group Mycoplasmafree Cell Culture
Sterility Tested
Endotoxin < 10 EU/ml
Rec. final concentration 20(30/40 µl/ml


MycoRAZOR® 100 ml
Reagent for elimination of mycoplasma