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Transfection reagent METAFECTENE® EASY⁺ from Biontex

METAFECTENE® EASY⁺ - DNA Transfection Reagent

The easy and efficient reagent for transfection of mammalian cells with DNA

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  • Suitable for DNA transfection
  • Easy: Optimization involves only two fixed DNA:lipid ratios
  • Fast: Results within 2-3 days → two interdependent assays within a week
  • Efficient for a majority of cell types

Common transfection reagents require considerable efforts to optimize the DNA:lipid ratio and the amount of DNA used and, as a rule, involve considerable expenditure of time – 4 days – from seeding the cells to reporter gene assay. The idea behind the development of METAFECTENE® EASY⁺ was to establish an efficient transfection reagent combined with a fast and easy protocol.

METAFECTENE® EASY⁺ works with two predefined DNA/lipid ratios and a predefined amount of lipoplexes combined with a "Fast Forward" protocol. This enables high transfection efficiencies to be reached for a variety of robust mammalian cell lines and primary cells while minimizing optimization effort.


Main advantages of the "Fast Forward" protocol:


Timescale for the fast-forward protocol of METAFECTENE EASY


Using the "Fast Forward" protocol, cells are seeded and subsequently transfected without being allowed to grow on the vessel surface by incubation overnight. This results in a time saving of 24 hours, allowing two successive result-dependent transfections to be performed within a single working week.


Product Specification

Application Transfection of mammalian cells with DNA
Content Lipid formulation / sufficient quantity of EASY⁺ buffer
Assays Up to 750 (24-well) or up to 160 (6-well) per 1 ml reagent
Shipping At room temperature
Storage 4°C
Shelf life 1 year (from date of delivery)
Product Group Transfection


EASY⁺ buffer (10x) 2 ml


1 ml METAFECTENE® EASY⁺ Transfection reagent
2 ml EASY⁺ buffer (10x)
DNA transfection kit for mammalian cells


2 x 1 ml METAFECTENE® EASY⁺Transfection reagent
2 x 2 ml EASY⁺ buffer (10x)
DNA transfection kit for mammalian cells


5 x 1 ml METAFECTENE® EASY⁺ Transfection reagent
5 x 2 ml EASY⁺ buffer (10x)
DNA transfection kit for mammalian cells