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Transfection Reagent Selection Guide

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Cell Culture

  • Application note

    Transfection of suspension cells (Jurkat) with Metafectene®Pro

    Read here an application note concerning the transfection of Jurkat cells with Metafectene®Pro in comparison to other commercial available lipofection reagents (Lipofectamin...

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  • Application note

    Transfection of astrocytes with the
    K2® Transfection System

    This application note describes the transfection of A7 retinal astrocytes with gWizGFP (green fluorescence protein) reporter plasmid performed with the ...

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  • Application note

    Production of lentiviruses with METAFECTENE®

    Read here an application note for the production of lentiviruses. METAFECTENE® was the delivery system for the transfection of the cells (293/17). After a 2 days incubation period the tra...

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    Save money by writing an application note

    Application reports can be particularly useful sources to find the right transfection product for your own experiment. We have put together a large collection of application notes and publicatio...

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